Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A new addition to the family

This is just such a lovely story..I turned up to a shoot with a family in Chiswick House Grounds with the heavens about to open and met up under the trees with the 3 children and their parents..  As the rain came down we decided to reschedule the shoot for a couple of weeks time and were heading back to the car park when the sky cleared.  So we managed to go ahead with the shoot anyway.  I'm so pleased that we did, as the youngest member of this family is 4 month old Sami who only last week arrived from Ethiopia to be adopted by this lovely family.  She had what I can only describe as a gob-smacked look about her as she was taken into the woods for the first time ever and was experiencing things that must have been alien for an English baby let alone one from Africa.  It was such a fantastic shoot, the family have so much love for this new child amongst them and after 5 years of effort they finally have their little baby girl. 

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