Monday, 22 August 2011

Family Studio Photo Shoot

Some very good friends of mine finally let me do their family photographs in the studio last week which was so great.  The kids all know me very well and had great fun which of course meant that the parents relaxed and enjoyed it too.  Dad's mother bought them a voucher for the shoot as a gift for the birth of their 3rd child who is now 6 months old and very smiley! It was such a lovely experience for all, especially as I have known them all for nearly 6 years as their eldest boy was in the same class as my oldest boy for about 4 years.  Tommy is going to be a really cheeky chappy I can tell, he's already got a good sense of humour and clearly loves to be surrounded by people.

If you're thinking of having a family photo shoot then usually I would recommend having a location shoot as children respond far better to being able to explore and run around, remove the boundaries and anything can happen!!  All the london parks are fantastic for shoots.

Being a photographer London has so much to offer in terms of location and lighting.  Do get in touch for a family portrait shoot.


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